How to keep squirrels off your deck - stop squirrels chewing on deck?

It can be the worst situation when squirrels decided to make your deck their living home by chewing the wood, eating the seeds, and by destroying the bird’s feeder. It is challenging to remove the squirrels, but if you really want to get rid of them, attach on their senses like smell, sight, etc.

Here are some things that you can do to repel squirrels:

Use of liquid and spray repellent

There are various sprays that are used on the deck wood and mainly are formed to deter the squirrels. Use the spray in enough quantity; it will prevent the squirrels from eating the deck wood.

Homemade repellent

There are various successful homemade remedies that are found to be effective in getting rid of squirrels; some of them are given below: Take a gallon of water and add one cup of chili pepper in it. Place this gallon in the sun heat for a week and later add this into the spray bottle. Now spray this liquid on the deck to prevent the squirrels from chewing the wood. You can also spray this liquid on the plants or seeds that are squirrels favorite; once they have tasted them, next, they will not try to eat them. Use mothballs near and under the deck. The smell of mothball is found to be effective in birds and animals repellent. Gather the hair of the dog or cat, as both of them are squirrels, predators, now spread this hair near to the deck. Do you know squirrels can smell the predator’s availability through their hair? If this way did not work well, you could simply place a fake cat or dog near to the deck; for sure, they would not visit the deck again. You can also use apple cider vinegar to repel the squirrels, take cotton balls and soak them in the apple vinegar now place these wet cotton balls near to the deck. The smell of apple cider vinegar will help to repel them. This way is used as an alternative to distracting the attestation of squirrels. Place squirrels favorite things in the other parts of the yard like peanut butter etc. when they will find a portion of food in the fixed corner they will be limited to that place, and during this time you can use the above-given remedies to prevent them from getting in the deck or chewing wood.

Use of sound

People who do not want to use the above method can simply use the sound to frighten the squirrels. They feel irritating and got nervous from a loud sound. Play the sound of different predators when you are sure they are in the deck. This sound will be afraid of them, and as a result, they will leave the place immediately.


Do you know squirrels mostly remain active at day them, and at night they like to rest into their nest? So spend more time near to the deck. The presence of human prohibits them from getting out of their nest. But if they came out of the deck, then use light to scare them. You can also place a thing that has reflection; this method is used to scare them.

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