What smells repel rats?

Keep your home safe from rats is important not only for the house but also for your health as the rats carry various diseases. If you have an issue with the rats or have found them within the home or anywhere, you must know about the methods that are used to repel the rats. Rats have an excellent sense of smell; although they lived in messy places like garbage, there are many smells that are disliked by the rats. Knowing about those smells can really help you in getting rid of rats. No one wants to see rats in their home the best way to keep away is to keep your home clean and place the trash in closed containers, when they get no access to food then why they would stay into your home? But if they get in and you want to get rid of them, then use the following methods to get rid of them.

Use of chemical smell

There are various chemical products that can be used to repel the rats. Anyhow, most of the homeowner does not want to use chemical products because of their toxicity that can be dangerous for their children and pets. But do not worry, you can obtain this chemical smell without using any chemical product, just use the mothball. Mothballs have a smell similar to the chemical smell, and it is found to be effective as a rat repellent. You can also use the smell of bleach, ammonia as they are also found to be effective as rodents repellent.

Smell of predators

You will be surprised to know they can feel the availability of their predators through smell. You can use rat predators as a cat or raccoon; if they are not available, you can simply place their urine to scare the rat. Another way is to use a fake raccoon or cat and place them near to the rat nest. Once they have seen their predators, they are going to run from that place to save their life.

Use of natural smell

If you do not want to use the chemical products nor predators smell, then you can simply use the home remedies to repel the rats. Some of the famous and effective remedies are given below:

Peppermint oil

Although people believe that it is not so effective to repel the rats, the research found that the rat spends very little time in the place that has peppermint smell. So you can use the peppermint smell at the places where you do not want to see the rats. If you do not want them to enter your house, then add the peppermint in a spray bottle and use it at the entry points; it will prevent the rats from entering into the house.

Use of garlic

This is one of the most irritating smells for rats; they hate the smell of garlic. Just use the garlic places at the place that the rat is using continuously. The smell of garlic will force them to leave the area.

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